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COVID-19 Policy – LTU Tennis as of 14.03.20

Hey everyone! 

Hope you all stayed safe through these tough times. 
Together with the state government and LTU Sport, LTU Tennis has been given the green light to commence playing tennis again! 

Last week we ran a very small test week, and after everything ran (almost) smoothly, we are ready to increase our sessions and run some more formal programs! 

We are not allowed to run competitions at this time. 

For the next few weeks, we will have several sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

We have tried to accomodate for all skill levels. So all 3 skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) have 2 sessions each. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. 

Here is an overview of the coming week: 

SQUAD: An informal coaching session. There will be 1x coach per court, and you'll go through drills, matchplay and other fun games! 

MATCHPLAY: Specific for advanced players. Proper match practice with other advanced players. Doubles + Singles practice. 


PENNANT: Are for Pennant teams only. This is not open to all members. You must be part of a pennant team to partake in these sessions

All sessions are free for 2020 LTU Tennis members


Register for these sessions here: 




- If you would like to play on our courts, you must register for one of these sessions. This is because we need all of your details for contact tracing if a case of COVID-19 is found. 

- If you turn up to a session without registering, you will not be allowed onto the courts. Please register before coming down. 

- You must not arrive early to your session and hang around the courts. Please stay in your car/away from the courts until your designated time slot begins.  

- Please bring your own water bottle. Use of the water tap is not recommended. 

- We do not have access to the Sports Centre. So please come in your tennis gear.

- Once your session ends, please do not hang around the courts. 

- There are max 12 people allowed at the courts at all times for open court sessions and 20 for squads. We therefore ask you to please not bring any +1's if they are not playing tennis. 

- We are giving preference to current 2020 LTU Tennis members for these sessions.  LTU Tennis reserves the right to remove your registration if you are not an LTU Tennis member and spots are not available for members who want to play. If you are not a member, you can become a member for only $25 here.

- Players are allowed to attend 2 sessions a day if they so desire. This is only dependent on numbers however. LTU Tennis reserves the right to remove your second registration to allow someone else a spot if they are going to miss out all-together. 

- No tennis is allowed in the 30 minutes between each sessions. We need this time to clean all shared spaces and make sure there aren't any cross-over of players. 

- Sharing of tennis racquets is not allowed. We can provide a tennis racquet for you if you don't have one, but you can't share it with anyone else. 

- We do have access to some toilets.

- Everyone will be supplied with hand sanitizer upon arrival. 

- By registering for a session, you agree to all of these rules :)

 Please do not attend the club if:

  • You have been to a high risk country in the past 21 days

  • You have been diagnosed with Coronavirus or had close or casual contact with someone confirmed or suspected to have had the virus in the past 21 days

  • If you are currently displaying flu-like symptoms including:

    • Fever

    • Breathing difficulties such as breathlessness

    • Cough

    • Runny nose

    • Sore throat

    • Fatigue or tiredness

For more information on this please visit the Department of Health (Victoria) information page:

We wish everyone continued good health.

LTU Tennis Team

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